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Faster than your morning coffee!

We'll show you how offers are created in HROnboard, the experience for a new candidate and the documents HROnboard can fill out, including TFN, Super Choice and more! All demonstrated in just over 3 minutes, it's really that fast and easy to use!

It's Easy

New hires can fill out forms online, in minutes, not days!

It's Fast

Bulk import multiple new hires at once and even build your own contracts.

It's Friendly

Give your new hires an amazing start with a simple online job offer and your own branded candidate portal.

Take your employee onboarding to the next level

Awesome New Hire Experience

Engage your new hires before day 1 with a simple, unique offer acceptance process. Create your own branded employee onboarding portal to give a great first impression.

Cut down on HR Administration

Automating your employee onboarding process gives you more time to focus on other priorities. Automatically generate contracts, send notifications and assign tasks without lifting a finger.

One Platform. Many countries.

Have more than one office location? HROnboard comes with country packs for both Australia and New Zealand. Send job offers to all of your candidates - with the right government forms - with ease.

Employee onboarding software that plays nicely with others

Recruitment Integrations

Create ready to send employment offers from the information stored in your recruitment system. HROnboard integrates well with Expr3ss!, SAP SuccessFactors, Scout, TurboRecruit, Hudson, FastTrack, JobAdder and more.

Payroll/HRIS Integrations

Send completed candidate information to your HR system automatically. Onboarding is easy with integrations for Chris21, SAP, Aurion, Empower, Oracle, Preceda, ADP, Alesco and more.

Verification & Acceptance

Validate the new hire to ensure they're eligible to work for you using government Visa & Social Security checks. Our automatic checks make sure you won't have any incorrect or missing data in your completed job offers.

Secure, enterprise, cloud software

Secure your employee information

Employee details are highly sensitive and need to be kept secure. HROnboard follows industry best practices (ISO 27001) to back up and protect your information.

Guide a compliant employee onboarding process

Make sure you check all the boxes every time. HROnboard ensures the right contracts, policies and information has been sent and accepted by each new hire - with a full audit trail.

Reliable, enterprise cloud solution

HROnboard is built for enterprise. We host our software on AWS in your specified country for your piece of mind. We're also fully open and honest about all updates, outages and security risks.

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